Women's Health & Wellness

Women’s Health 

A wise woman once said, “who run the world”? There is no doubt that women have a plethora of contributions to our society. It is also true, that often time, we ignore some of the warning signs before things take a sharp turn for the worse. At Trinity Health, the goal has and always will be to help you as an individual, thrive.  Often, we are come across the words “Diet” or “Lifestyle” – and we know that those big concepts are important. However, what do they mean? What diet is best for you may be the worse option for your neighbor or your best friend.  Over the years more and more research has suggested that in order to have and maintain successful results, the person must be treated as such – a person. Not a disease. Trinity health offers a tailored approach to address the following symptoms:  

improved reactions or reaction time to and in stressful situations

improved digestion: think of symptoms such as heartburn, gas, bloating, cramping, or constipation

increased energy levels throughout the day

elimination of afternoon energy crashes.

overall improved quality of life.

improved immunity

eradication of recurring bacterial infections

improved muscle strength and tone

reduced joint pain and muscle stiffness

reduced hormone-related conditions, particularly PMS and PCOS

Sugar and other food cravings are eliminated, resulting in safe and effective weight loss – without the need for restrictive dieting.

"Amazing things happen when women help other women"

Kasia Gospos

At Trinity Health the process begins with you. After an extensive examination and analysis of your symptoms, health history, eating habits, and lifestyle we determine the root cause of the dis-ease. From there, a customized plan with a targeted approach will be created for you.

This will include: foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

Every individual plan is developed and created with your specific health goals in mind and will be tailored to effectively restore balance,

Trinity Health prides itself for prioritizing wellbeing and whole someone's. Believing in curated, personalized health programs that tackles all health-affecting factors. Tackling the issues from their roots; we go beyond personal benefit; and focus on contributing to the overall health of the clients. 

Trinity Health can help treat the following:

  • Symptoms of PMS ( bloating, cramping,
  • craving for carbs)
  • Weight gain, 
  • Thyroid Disorders, 
  • Hormone imbalance, 
  • Sleep disturbances, 
  • and Irregular menstrual cycles, including PCOS
  • Digestive issues, including heartburn, IBS and bloating
  • Metabolic Syndrome