Children's Health & Wellness

Having children of my own changed my life forever!! I wanted to take a gentler approach to their health while still being able to provide an edge for them throughout their development. 

Tina Kozman pays great attention to children's health/pediatric care to help treat children and aid parents in providing the utmost care for children from ages ranging from newborns to teenagers.  As a mother, Tina has a passion of providing a helping hand in child development and health. 

At Trinity Health, Tina Kozman strives to provide safe and effective protocols for children and their specific health concern.

Working alongside the parents/caregivers, I provide dietary , supplemental and lifestyle recommendations that can support the child at each developmental stage.

Trinity Health can help support the following:

  • Allergies
  • Digestive issues
  • Developing Positive Eating Habits
  • Mineral/ Vitamin deficiencies
  • Improving mental cognition and mental health

At Trinity Health there are many diet and lifestyle support mechanisms that can be easily and simply implemented to complement your child’s conventional medical visits and care.

Waiting to see a specialist? consider an interim intervention that could help turn the course of your child’s health around. Experiencing an acute problem such as a common cold or earache? An alternate approach could save a visit to the doctor’s office or at the very least- help with pain.  Looking for simple ways to add beneficial nutrients into your child’s diet? Trinity Health can help with that - all while keeping in mind their unique make up.