An Extra Pair of Hands in The Kitchen

An Extra Pair of Hands in The Kitchen Tina Kozman CNP, B.Sc, M.Ed. Kids are balls of energy; we all know that; and one way we could get them to release this pent-up energy and keep them busy is to get them in the kitchen. Here are some pros of having children participate in the kitchen (beside directing their energy somewhere beneficial) that will encourage… Continue reading An Extra Pair of Hands in The Kitchen

5 Pillars of Immune Health

5 Pillars of Immune Health 01 INTRODUCTION Hygiene: a. Hand Washing Watch The Video b. Hygienic Housework * washing bedding, pillows, esp when someone is sick. *  opening up a window to help with pure air and circulation. SLEEP * common cold ( Rhinovirus ) administered up the noise of 150 and some of them… Continue reading 5 Pillars of Immune Health

Stress Managment

STRESS MANAGEMENT Tina CNP, B.Sc, M.Ed. I.   Foods that help combat and support stress 1- Eat a Rainbow of whole foods and use the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen less pesticides = less work the body and liver have to do. 2- Protein: Fatty fish like Salmon or Turkey Contains EFA that are essential for cardio health and… Continue reading Stress Managment