5 Pillars of Immune Health




a. Hand Washing

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b. Hygienic Housework

* washing bedding, pillows, esp when someone is sick.

*  opening up a window to help with pure air and circulation.


* common cold ( Rhinovirus ) administered up the noise of 150 and some of them were deprived of sleep ( less than 5 hours of sleep ) and other group is 7+

- linear relationship of sleep and manifestation of the cold.

** Including 50% less antibodies for those who got the flu shot

********** Consistent Sleep- Wake time is #1********** People try to make up for it during the weekend because no one sleeps anymore! Sleep cycle app  is a great cycle app and if there are no underlying issues its kind of a general good app to use.

1. Coffee! So stop? Be vigilant because everyone reacts differently and some people are more sensitive. Caffeiniinformer.com

2. Alcohol à can help put you to bed, but not to be used as a sleep aid.

3. Cool down at night, take a hot bath and turn the thermostat down between 16-20 degrees.






** Always rainbow, always dirty dozen**

1. Pre-biotics (kimchi, sauerkraut) provides a way for good bacteria to attach.

2. EFA’s: Again we spoke about this last time, but it goes again here because it helps decrease inflammation

2b. Coconut, including coconut oil. Really helps balance the good to bad

bacteria ratio in the digestive tract. It has a compound called lauric acid and that is naturally anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

3. Vitamin C: Food: Kale ( kale salad recipe )

3 b. Spices: turmeric, broth nutrients ( bone broth recipe )





1- Probiotics: Really addressing nutrients from the soil. Even if we are

eating healthy, our soil itself is deficient so then we are as well. And that’s

where the microbiome/ micro flora come into play.

Small Intestine (duodenum)  – that’s

where the gut-brain, and gut-immune is occurring. And in this area probiotics

are really the best (2-25 million) Think about the conditions in that area –

and this is where you refer to a practitioner. But each area has a different

colonization. HUMAN STRAIN! Because this is shown to attach to mucosal lining.

2- Vitamin D

400 IU = LOL

Supplementation is crucial for those who are deficient and has shown that when we are deficient it shows that there is just a general inflammation in the body. Testing is key because they don’t want to over supplement.

3- Antioxidant - ACE’s + zinc. Synergistic.

vitamin C absorption, IV is great but not always available or expensive. Great

Bioavailability by oral when facing an acute infection.




*PRECEPTION of stress= an entire cascade of stress to promote survival. It used to be an acute physical threat – but now as we spoke about lst time, it remains. It doesn’t go back to that short lived, acute oriented. Stress at work, money, COVID, etc. Loneliness is included in that – and these big ticket items they are not over-nighters. They last. So although we can’t get rid of it – the cortisol which comes out of the adrenals over time it acts as a insulin resistant. More cortisol = fatigued, cant keep up. STRESS lowers our ability to fight infection because its just too much or an inflammatory response.

Diaphragmatic BREATHing Exercises. Abdomen expands out on your INHALE and then retracts back inward on your EXHALE. Slow the rate of the breath.  Stop several times throughout the day to slow down and breath properly rather than one long extended session. Oxygenate tissue and its FREE!

- this is for the excuse of those who don’t have time to breathe, just take it slow and do it several times.

a. yawn

b. breathe out more than in

c. walk, dance, sing , mediate.

** Meditation** - 10 mins