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There are three basic foundations the human body absolutely must have to function properly and they are oxygen, water and real food. Enzymes are overlooked by most people. All living cells contain enzymes. Enzymes in food are destroyed by heating to as low as 118ºF. All cooked and processed foods are devoid of food enzymes… If your diet does not consist of raw fruit and vegetables, you have enzyme depletion which may lead to initial symptoms of illness such as weakness, muscle pain, dizziness, lack of mental focus and poor appetite.

Juicing (known to kill cancer) is one of the most effective ways to give the body the enzymes it needs to be well and healthy.


  • Neutralize acidity (no more rolaids needed).
  • Cleanse the stomach
  • Aid in recovery from stomach ulcers
  • Fend off disease from bacteria
  • Excellent for fighting cancer
  • Enhance the strength of white blood cells
  • Increase metabolism – enhance weight loss
  • Instant energy and mental focus (better than coffee)
  • Cleanse the blood, remove toxins, dissolve cholesterol
  • Very beneficial in treating constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Enable cell decomposition and restoration
  • Promotes beautiful skin and prevents wrinkling
  • Combat rashes, hives and skin allergies
  • Clear red eyes, promotes clearer vision
  • Nourish and promotes hair and nail growth
  • Aid in helping to achieve pregnancy
  • Metabolize nutrients, improving digestion and absorption
  • Maintain hormonal balance (good for menopause imbalance)
  • Break down blood alcohol and aid in recovery from intoxication

Enzymes are essential to the regulation of digestion, absorption and waste removal. Enzymes are not only the foundation and catalysts of human life, they are fundamental to having and maintaining healthy cells and thereby a healthy mind and body.


Cell nutrition is imperative for health. Enzymes are in. Acid food is out!